Men in Tights – Support not ‘in Vain’

A man  wrote to a (medical-related) newspaper columnist about his leg pain, fatigue and varicose veins. He wanted a solution that would help him with the leg pain, since his job requires him to be on his feet continually. He also works outside, in tall brush and was having problems with ticks, chiggers and insects attacking his legs. He had complained of this to a female friend… and was given an answer he probably did not expect.  Yet, since he was serious about his request – he took the advice that was given to him. It was suggested that he wear pantyhose.

"Mantyhose" - a smart choice for the 'non-vein' ; ). (Photo Credit:

He was pleased to discover that it actually helped. He wrote to the newspaper to share the results with others and to tell of how the hose not only helped his leg pain and fatigue, but kept the insects from attaching to his legs and were a great help when exercising and riding his bike.

This is not surprising, and the reason support hosiery was developed, to begin with. From the light support of a pair of daily-wear panty hose that one can find on any drugstore or supermarket shelf, to the heavier support provided by medical stockings that are specially designed for diabetics and those with vascular issues; support hose are meant to distribute pressure evenly throughout the leg. Nurses, waitresses, hairdressers and others whose jobs require them to be on their feet constantly, swear by the stockings to prevent varicose and spider veins.

In fact, Pete Rose discussed (in an interview many years ago) how he wore them under his baseball uniform when he played professional baseball. Not only did they provide the benefits we just discussed – but, they protected his skin, while sliding into bases. Searching a bit, it was quite easy to discover that Mr. Rose and the smart fellow who wrote to the newspaper are not the only men who appreciate the benefits of support hose – there are actually sites that sell “Mantyhose”. So, while some men might have disregarded the advice as being ‘less-than-masculine’ – this gentleman wanted to share, and assure other men that those who don’t allow ‘vanity before sanity’ might find that by not being vain…they are protecting their veins : ).

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