Tummy Tuck and Roll?

Pregnancy, weight gain, weight loss, age, hereditary thickness in the abdomen – regardless of the reason; loose skin or rolls of fat don’t match anyone’s ideal body image.  Alternative: Tummy tuck. The best candidates for a tummy tuck are: individuals who have tried diet and exercise, and cannot flatten their stomach; those who have lost a lot of weight and have loose skin; or those whose abdomen is just naturally large, from heredity. The candidate’s weight must be stable for at least a year.

Flat Tummy for All Seasons

Those who intend to lose, or gain weight should wait until they have achieved their optimal weight, and maintained it for a year. Anyone planning on a pregnancy is advised to wait until after having the baby and finishing breast feeding.

A tummy tuck can also strengthen or repair certain muscles, and for this reason, has also become very popular with men and former hernia, or accident, patients because it can help flatten bulging area (if there is not a medical issue that needs to be addressed , internally. Be forewarned: An ethical board-certified plastic surgeon will not consider cosmetic procedures on an area which is in need of medical attention).

Once you have discussed your candidacy for a tummy tuck procedure; you will still need to address several items:

  • Quit Smoking – healing on plastic surgery procedures is greatly reduced by smoking. Many doctors will advise you to be smoke-free for up to six months before your surgery date.
  • Report any current prescriptions to your doctor. There may need to be some modifications, if there are incompatible prescriptions. Aspirin, certain anti-inflammatory medications and herbal supplements can increase bleeding risk.
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