For the Nth Time: Patients Beware of Underground Plastic Surgeons

What is the worst thing that could possibly happen when you simply wanted to improve your physical appearance by undergoing a simple nose job or facelift or buttocks enhancement? No, it is not just being disfigured, the worst that could possibly happen is that you end up in a coffin, cold and dead. Sounds dramatic, but surgery is serious, and finding qualified surgeons should be taken seriously by patients.

Why Patients Should Seek Qualified Plastic Surgeons to Avoid Bad Outcomes

With the onset of recession came the rise of underground procedures as more and more people fall prey to the enticement made by non-physicians who perform plastic surgeries for a lower price. However, they end up having to pay more for the costs of the corrective surgeries which have to be performed when their underground surgery goes wrong. There are times that even corrective surgeries can no longer repair or save the resulting damage from the failed surgery. And the worst scenario as mentioned earlier is that complications occur resulting to death of the patients.

The main reason why people resort to underground surgery is that it is far less cheap than procedures done by legitimate surgeons. What they do not know is that the injections administered to them by these non-physicians, although less expensive are highly dangerous. Take for example the liquid silicone injections for breasts and buttocks, which surgeons do not use in their procedures because of the liquid silicone’s tendency to leak. These liquid silicone injections, which have been reported before to include glue used for flat tires, result to serious complications to the extent that an invasive mastectomy must be performed to the patient to remove all the foreign fatal substance.

Just recently in Mississippi, Morris Garner has been charged with depraved-heart murder after conducting an alleged illegal plastic surgery on a woman. Reports reveal that he allegedly injected the buttocks of a woman with a substance, which appears like liquid silicone.  The huge amount of the said substance caused serious complications in the woman’s body, including formation in her lungs of blood clots, which eventually led to her death.

According to the president of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, Dr. Malcom Roth, most patients are clueless that those who conduct the operations or do the injections are actually non-physicians with no formal training in surgeries. He added that more and more patients have been going to him to have him correct their plastic surgeries which had gone wrong. He further said that this has been the same observation by other plastic surgeons in different countries. The main reason why illegal surgeries are difficult to curb is that there are no mechanisms to report them. The non-physician who conducted the surgery would of course opt not to report the death of his or her victim.

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