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Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery Options Depend on Enthicity

Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery Options Depend on Enthicity

Often times, medical data for plastic surgery is represented by means of raw statistical values which equate to the number of procedures done in a specific time frame or locality. But these numbers may not tell the entire story—since the various plastic surgery procedures being done in a specific city or state may depend on the bulk ethnicity of the population residing there. Nowadays, the United States is populated by more than Caucasians and African-Americans; most of the heavily populated cities now have a smorgasbord of cultures coming together to form just one community, and that these people have different needs when it comes to surgical and cosmetic treatments. Whether you’re African-American, Korean, Lebanese, Filipino, Chinese, or Latino, your ethnic and genetic background would play a role in surgical options and techniques.

Ethnicity Can Influence Plastic Surgery Options for Patients

Plastic surgery is constantly evolving. As per the data collected by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, around 3 million cosmetic procedures were performed just 2 years ago, with 25% of this number being contributed by people with Asian, African-American, and Hispanic descent. It should also be noted that this number accounts for almost a 250% increase since the year 2000. This leads to the fact that first; the skepticism which plastic surgery had been placed under in other nations and cultures is slowly fading away; second, countries who were considered to be “3rd World” nations are now slowly rising in the economic standings across the globe, which leads to more people having enough capital to invest in cosmetic treatments; lastly, more people are having the notion that to be successful means you also have to look good and not just necessarily work hard.

Cultural experts in Korea have also published studies that show that the general population there believes that the “true” kind of beauty connotes to the kind of beauty that western people have—sharp nose ridges and larger eyes. This may be attributed to the sudden popularity of television shows and movies coming from westerns countries that depict beauty as such. Whether this belief applies to countries outside of South Korea remains to be seen. What is certain though is that other cultures that come to the United States are not shy about their interests in cosmetic and aesthetic treatments to look “attractive” in what is a glamour-competitive environment.

All of these show that the surgeons of today cannot survive in the field with just the theoretical knowledge that they have studied from books and videos—now, they should also be able to cater to the demands of their patient’s genetic code and cultural background with regards to how the surgery is going to be performed. This is because each ethnic group has their own specialized characteristics, from skin color, to depth of eyelids, sharpness of noses, and roundness of breasts, the surgeons must learn that there isn’t only a single definition of “looking good” for everyone and that he/she should be able to give what the patient wants, both efficiently and safely.