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The Other Side of Beauty Surgery

The Other Side of Beauty Surgery

Cosmetic surgery is becoming more and more of a fad nowadays. It is commonly referred to as “plastic surgery,” though the two are quite different disciplines. While plastic surgery focuses on the repair of damaged or deformed parts of the body, cosmetic surgery focuses more on the enhancement of existing parts.

Everyone is well-aware of the many different cosmetic surgery procedures that many opt for. Though research shows that most of the procedures are not really “surgical” in nature (such as the popular Botox and laser hair removals), people are still acquainted with tummy-tuck, liposuction, breast and buttock augmentation procedures, and such (source : Frank Soto Leon MD).

There are a lot of techniques that people may not know of or might know by different terms. Below is a list of some of the more cryptic terms used in the field of cosmetic surgery:

  • This techniques uses a medical device that is intended for destroying fat cells in the body. In contrast with the common liposuction techniques, it relies on the use of non-invasive techniques in the reduction of local fat deposits, enabling the reshaping of body contours.
  • This treatment is geared towards the superficial and the subcutaneous structures of the tissues, utilizing nitrous oxide gas to attain reduce the appearance of wrinkles, albeit temporarily. It can also be used to reduce pain, treat dermatologic conditions, or facilitate the cryo-treatment of tissues.
  • Keloid Removal. Keloid forms in the body when it fails to stop the production of new tissues especially during the healing process. It generally leads to the overabundance of collagen and fibrous protein, causing a deformity.
  • This is more commonly called a “chin implant”. While many people might not be aware that such a procedure exists, it is available for people who would like to improve their jaw lines. Just like breast and buttock augmentation, silicone may be implanted on the jaw bone.
  • Orthognathic surgery. This is basically the restructuring of the face through the manipulation of the facial bones. This is usually done through controlled fracturing.


There are a lot of other procedures whose names sound like they come straight from medical textbooks, but these are some of the most common. Notice that they are not always simple techniques, so remember to check on the credentials of the person performing the procedure on you. Cosmetic surgery is a very specialized profession. One needs to have the requisite skill and training, as well as experience, to be truly qualified to perform the procedures.