Rhinoplasty Plastic Surgery Procedure – All You Should Know

Rhinoplasty is a basic plastic surgery to reshape a person’s nose. It can make your nose look smaller or larger, change the angle of your nose with the upper lip, correct bumps, alter the tip of your nose, rectify indentations and other defects.

During this procedure, the surgeons makes some incisions to access the cartilage and bones that support your nose. These incisions are usually made inside your nose. Thus, they aren’t visible after your surgery.

Depending on the purpose of the surgery, some cartilage and bone may even be removed or some tissue from another body part may be added. Once the surgeon has reshaped and rearranged the cartilage and bone, the tissue and skin are re-draped over the structure of your nose. The surgeon uses a splint to provide support to the new shape while it heals.

This plastic surgery can be performed under local or general anesthesia. Most of the time, it is an outpatient procedure. However, you may even have to spend one night in the hospital. The surgeon must have proper training in either otolaryngology or/and plastic surgery.

Why is it Done?

As mentioned earlier, Rhinoplasty can change the size, angle and shape of your nose to bring your facial features into proportion. This surgery may also be performed to correct various structural problems with your nose which cause breathing problems or chronic congestion.

How Well does it Work?

Depending on the correction you need, results of this surgery may be significant or minor. It is extremely important to discuss the specific goals of the surgery with your surgeon. You need to have realistic expectations from the surgery. You also need to make sure that your surgeon shares all the risk factors and complications with you. He should focus on your expectations, and therefore, you need to be clear with him.

It is worth mentioning that the results of this surgery are permanent. However, subsequent injury or some other factors can still alter your nose’s appearance. Cosmetic surgery should only be performed on a developed nose.

In females, complete development has occurred by 15-16 years age, while the age is 17-18 for men. If you get this surgery performed before this time, development of your nose can easily alter surgical results. It may even cause some complications.


After the plastic surgery surgery, you can expect some bruising and swelling around your nose and eyes. However, this won’t last long. Other risk factors include :

  • Bleeding
  • Holes or injury to the septum
  • Skin problems and irritation from bandaging and tape
  • Infection
  • Nasal blockage
  • Complications related to anesthesia

The nose is one of the most prominent features on your face. It can have a major impact on your appearance and self esteem. In case you’re unhappy with your facial features, especially the nose, Rhinoplasty can be an excellent choice.

Just like other cosmetic surgery procedures, you will be more satisfied if your expectations are realistic. Therefore, it is important to discuss everything with your surgeon. You need to ask what surgery can achieve for you, and understand various risk factors. It will also help you with better after care.

About Dr. Mir Joffrey

Website: www.milwaukeeliposuction.com Medical director of the Milwaukee Liposuction Specialty Clinic Dr. Joffrey is a board certified surgeon who has performed over 3000 cosmetic surgical procedures. He patented the Waterlipo™ procedure using the body jet liposuction system and serves as a teaching physician for Sciton Aesthetic Laser Company where he instructs physicians from across the country in laser liposuction. In 2010, he was recognized as one of America's top physicians by the Consumers' Research Council of America.
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