Mole Removal

Hiding in Plain View

Skin conditions, such as acne, can mask possibly harmful moles. Acne can also occur underneath a mole. Moles can also hide in places we can’t see by ourselves, or be obscured by freckles or skin pigmentation. Read more about why we should be checked professionally. Continue reading

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Follow Aftercare Instructions…To a ‘T’

Doing research, today; I ran across a question from a person who was recovering from mole removal. Apparently, their doctor told them to ‘keep it covered’. So, instead of following the aftercare instructions of their PHYSICIAN…they decided to ask a question…on the Internet? Seriously…who does this? We pay our dermatologists and plastic surgeons, handsomely, BECAUSE they went to school for WAY over 10 years. When they give us aftercare advice – it NEEDS to be followed. Poor aftercare can botch up a (previously) perfect surgery. Please, trust that your doctor is better-trained than the average internet user! Continue reading

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The Winning Spirit

24 year old college senior, Rachel Harrison, seemed to be the picture of health. A straight A student and leading basketball player for Dalhousie University; she was just thinking about her summer, her job and training for her last season as a point guard for the Lady Tigers. But, she noticed that a mole on her leg changed size and color. Having it checked; it was found to be malignant, and that the cancer had spread throughout the lymph nodes in her leg.

Rachel fought the disease with the same winning spirit and determination that she brings to the basketball court. She triumphed, and had her best season ever. But, it serves as a reminder that even the healthiest of us need to make sure to either have our moles checked regularly…or have them safely removed. Continue reading

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Check? Check!

The sun is obviously a necessity of life, but it can do damage to our skin, particularly if we enjoy hanging out under its powerful rays. When reviewing your “sun screen” check list, always make it a point to have your moles checked to see if they change composition, color or shape. This simple exercise may save your life. Moles are not necessities, and procedures to have them removed are more advanced than ever. Keep in check with your body and schedule a consultation if you discover a mole that may be dangerous. Continue reading

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