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Defy Your Genes…and Look Better in Your Jeans

Why did a 5’10”, leggy, beautiful 29-year-old woman, who attends spinning classes 7 days a week…need liposculpture? Because, even though she spent 5 years working out like a fiend – she still had blocky hips and saddlebags…because they were hereditary. We don’t always get to choose the body we inherit – but, we have a say in whether we feel we should get to see a payoff for our diet and exercise. Even tall, slender women who work out til they drop don’t always get the results they think they deserve. That’s where Laserliposculpture steps in. Read on…and consult with a plastic surgeon in your area to add some ‘positive reinforcement’ to your body image. Continue reading

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No More Baby-Doll Styles

When polled about how the opposite sex dresses; men expressed their lack-of-love for babydoll tops and empire-waisted fashions. Women do not like super baggy OR super tight fashions on men. In fact, both sexes tended to agree that they like to see a person outfitted so that they can see the contours of their body, without TOO much being revealed (or spilling out). Gals – tell ’em “We’ll lose the baby doll tops…when you pull up your pants!” Fair is fair. LOL Seriously, our image should make us comfortable …because WE want to our clothing to look and fit better, not because someone else demands it. If that is the case, and you have been considering having a bit of ‘contouring’ done – consult a local Laser sculpture expert in your area to discuss your new silhouette. You don’t HAVE to throw away your baggy clothes…but, you won’t NEED them, anymore. Continue reading

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The Eye of the Beholder

If you do not naturally have the curves in places you want them, then liposculpture may be the ideal procedure for you. Lipo sculpting is a way for you to design the body you weren’t born with to your specifications. Continue reading

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Mommy Makeovers Help Moms Get Their Bodies Back!

There are many changes for new moms, especially taking care of a new born child, which is a top-priority. But for many mommies, getting their bodies back to normal after child-birth can be a real challenge. Mommy Makeovers can include: liposuction, tummy tuck and breast surgery, and they are a solution to help moms get their bodies back after children. Continue reading

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