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Vajayjays in the News: Rise in Cosmetic Genital Surgeries

Vajayjays in the News: Rise in Cosmetic Genital Surgeries

It seems as though the Vajayjay has not only made the Urban Dictionary, but it is getting increasing attention in the news. Vaginoplasty, labiaplasty, and vulvoplasty can be a somewhat tabu or controversial subjects, but these surgical procedures have rapidly gained popularity throughout the world. These procedures aim to restore form or function to genital parts or to enhance sexual pleasure or the functionality of a woman’s nether-regions in some way. Many advocates say that the reason for the upsurge in popularity for these procedures is because women are just starting to realize that there are solutions to problems that have been existing for ages. But other experts disagree and believe that women are being pressured by the media to portray the female genitalia in some new fashion.

Take this explicit and comical blog written by Toni Nagy last week (warning: hilarious and crude descriptions used to make her points) “My Vagina Needs Plastic Surgery?” is meant to make women laugh at the idea having a “designer vagina” and that the audacity of suggestion is just a ploy by the industry of  cosmetic surgeons. She fulfills on this end to use every slang terminology to get her point across, but there are other factors to consider for those who may really have medical issues and concerns that can be helped via surgery.

Cosmetic Surgeries That Address Female Genitalia and Their Vaginas On The Rise

Regardless of the reasons women may want to cosmetically alter their most feminine parts, there are more serious reasons. For example: female genital mutilation. The surgeries required to help victims differ in some ways from vaginoplasties and labiaplasties, though the procedures do share some techniques in common. With female genital mutilation, the vaginal opening may be stitched shut and the clitoris removed, thus diminishing a woman’s desire to engage in sexual activities. The practice is most common in some African countries and it is often regarded similarly to circumcision in those areas. A scalpel and stitches are often required, but the end result and the goals of female genital mutilation are notably different from the goals and results of vaginoplasty and labiaplasty which are performed to correct deformities, enhance sexual pleasure and restore function to the vagina when muscles become lax due to childbirth.

Some individuals have pointed out that a diversity of agents are currently on the market to address the male influence and how such surgeries are for their pleasure (both visual and sexual) and that female genital surgery may be the answer to help women gain confidence about their “parts” and anatomical short-comings, in addition to those  women who have experienced sexual problems due to their female anatomy, but having any cosmetic or plastic surgery procedure is a personal choice, and one that women should make for no other reason or person, than “self.”

Some Obstetricians and Gynecologists has spoken out vehemently against labiaplasty and vaginoplasty, as these surgical procedures continue to grow in popularity. It’s true that sometimes the results of these surgeries don’t quite meet women’s expectations and sometimes things even go wrong during the procedures, but the negative perspectives have yet to quell interest in genital surgeries perhaps because these procedures really are solving some of women’s physical and sexual issues.