Laser vs. Iris Scissors?

Labia surgery is all about is creating smaller, more comfortable and attractive labia minora.  The objective is to excise the tissue in the manner that will leave the area looking the most natural – with the least amount of pain, swelling and recovery time, and the best end result.

Precision + less swelling or scarring = Looking better in a bikini bottom...sooner.

Because the laser seems to be the recent ‘tool of choice’ – you might  ask, “Why isn’t it necessarily better?” Because, oftentimes, creating the most naturally-appearing outcome is achieved with cosmetic Iris Scissors.  While the laser is fine for long, straight incisions; it doesn’t always leave the natural edge that an Iris Scissor does. And even though lasers make nice straight incisions; there are few, if any, straight lines on the human body. One of the  reasons  many surgeons prefer a laser for labiaplasty is because it is easier (all surgeons have preferences and  specific expertise – it depends upon where the bulk of their training was concentrated) and quicker for them.

On the other hand, there are surgeons who swear by Iris Scissors for labiaplasty. Iris Scissors, as the name suggests, were originally designed for  very delicate eye surgery – to  make small, sharp cuts, and reduce scarring. They are also used for other very intricate facial and cosmetic surgery procedures, when precision is crucial. The labia is a sensitive area, and even though it is not a visible as other areas of the body – still deserves  to be treated with the same care – for the sake of appearance, comfort and patient satisfaction with the final result.

The expertise of the surgeon with their chosen method of surgical instrument, and the needs of the patient, best determine the  method that will produce the best outcome and the least amount of scarring. In all cosmetic procedures,  every effort is made to keep incisions as minimal as possible and try to hide them in the natural lines and creases of your skin.

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