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The reason most women opt for labiaplasty (surgery of the inner and /or inner lips of the vagina) is due to hypertrophy. In a nutshell, hypertrophy means enlargement or overgrowth of an organ or part of the body. The cause of the hypertrophy can be heredity, age-related, abnormal tissue development, accident; stress (tears or stretching) from intercourse, childbirth, urinary incontinence; dermatitis, herpes, topical creams, hormones and other causes.

Labiaplasty: Popular Cosmetic Procedure

The main reason women get Labiaplasty can be cosmetic, medical or both. The reasons vary, and include (but, are not limited to): discomfort during sex, inner labia extend beyond the outer labia, one side is larger than the other, chafing, interference with movement or urinary tract, excess skin folds, or the ‘owner’s’ desire to alter the appearance.

Depending upon the complaints and expectations of the patient, the inner lips, outer lips, or a combination will be surgically altered to suit their needs. In the case where the labial folds are not symmetrical – only one will be re-formed, to match the other. Where there is excess skin, the area will be re-sectioned into a smaller profile; and fat transfer can be used to ‘plump’ areas where skin looseness seems to be an issue.  The most important part of your surgery, believe it or not, is choosing your doctor – vaginal plastic surgery is a specialty that not all plastic surgeons are highly-trained in. You want to find a surgeon with before-and-after pictures of their work, and a proven track record.