Bob Costas … Aging Gracefully or Did He Get Plastic Surgery?

Watching the Summer Olympic Games is a favorite past-time. What a thrill it was this year to see so many champions defy odds, gravity, age and circumstances to compete and win. Interestingly enough, it seemed our host, Bob Costas, has defied a few laws of gravity and age himself. Either he is aging very well, or he is getting some help from cosmetic and plastic surgeons.

Sports Celebrity Host Bob Costas: Looking Good at 60! (Photo Courtesy PopWatch)

I am a huge fan of Bob Costas, and I grew up watching him as a sportscaster. To me he is an icon. It is hard to believe he is 60. He has maintained his handsome looks over decades in front of the camera. One would not blame him (like many TV stars and anchormen) to have a nip and tuck here and there to keep him looking in ship-shape. This seemed particularly true when I tuned in to the 2012 Summer Games in late July. My first thought upon seeing Costas was, “Wow, he looks like he may have had some work done, but he looks great.” My immediate second thought was, and most of all, “but he still looks like Bob Costas.”

If I had to guess, I would say Costas had a facelift or mid-lift, and he definitely did something to his eyes (whether he had laser surgery or blepharoplasty, not sure), and of course there were probably some injectable fillers and BOTOX to give him a boost and a lift. All I can say is – he has a good plastic surgeon who is skilled in producing aesthetically balanced results.

It is interesting to see the faces of celebrities change with age and time. It is equally as interesting to notice which ones go for plastic and cosmetic surgery and which ones decide to leave the aging process to nature.

The biggest disappointment, and this comes from someone who has been around the industry for years, is when you see an attractive, aging person go over-board with plastic surgery, and the next thing you know, they look like an alien or a completely different person, altogether. That is a shame for the patient and the doctor, because it reflects poorly on both.

I give Bob, and his cosmetic or plastic surgeon (if he has one) two thumbs up.

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