New Popularity of Mother-Daughter Plastic Surgery

There are literally thousands of ways for parents to bond with their children; there are out-of-town trips, window shopping, sports, and the usual meal together. But what is apparently on the rise these days is the way mother and daughter bond over a looming scalpel while lying down on an operating table. That’s right, cosmetic surgery may be the new Sunday-bonding time moment for mothers and their daughters, with the added bonus of looking good and feeling good about themselves.

Mother and Daughter, Lynda and Stefanie Partnered on Plastic Surgery (Photo: ABC News)

In the television show “Good Morning America”, the producers found this mother-daughter tandem that apparently enjoy having plastic surgery procedures done on the both of them, as a way of spending quality time with each other. Lynda, who is now 65 years old, had a cheek injection along with a neck tuck along with her daughter Stefanie, 38 years old, who on the other hand preferred breast augmentation and a tummy tuck procedure.

Dr. Peter Fodor, the plastic surgeon who operated on both of them, said that he loves the fact that parents are accompanying their children on such surgeries, and vice versa. He said that he supports the fact that some people turn cosmetic surgery as an avenue to build a loving relationship between parents and their children. True enough, the psychological background of patients before and after surgery and their reasons for undergoing these procedures are important information for the surgeons when they are considering the ones who are eligible candidates for the surgery. More likely than not, if the patient is presenting mental instability, or if they gave shallow reasons for why they want to undergo the surgery, chances are that the surgeon would sign them off as unable to complete the requirements of the procedure. When people feel good about themselves, they perform better at the tasks that are assigned to them in the real world; this much was already proven by plastic surgery. But taking the step towards the right direction may need a little more than just a push. This is probably the reason why people go to cosmetic clinics together with a partner, be it a mother-daughter, husband-wife, or just two friends; big decisions suddenly become much more simple when they are made with somebody else.

People might think that this is a very rare case—well, it’s not. Back in 2005, the American Academy of Facial, Plastic, and Reconstructive Surgery presented data that supported the reality that a lot of joint-procedures have been registered. This means that a significant number of patients are writing off their reasons for surgery is the fact that they are accompanying somebody else through the entire process of going to the clinic and going under the knife.

Dr. Fodor reminds people that even though it is nice to take cosmetic surgeries with someone special, they should always take it under the supervision of a board-certified plastic surgeon. These may seem like simple processes, but keep in mind that these are medical procedures being done here. Only board-certified plastic surgeons can ensure that the benefits of each procedure outweigh the risks, and that safety is always the utmost priority in the operating room.

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