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Jello Shots? I’ll Pass!

Jello Shots? I’ll Pass!

Wiggly, jiggly, food is fun – especially when you are young, but wiggly, jiggly thighs, arms, tummy and buns – not so much. Cellulite is embarrassing, and unattractive and it makes people feel unattractive and less sexy.  The siege of the cellulite attacks mostly women, and most of us have it. But we are not fortunate enough to have Photoshop editors to smooth it out of our pictures, like celebrities do.

Jello Shots? No Thank You!

Oh yes, those fabulous famous bodies that seem unattainable, come at a price – hours a day with a personal trainer and cellulite treatments. Even the most beautiful people, who slave away on Stairmasters, and daily spinning or Pilates classes, can still have cellulite. And many times, all of the working out in the world will not take it away completely. Maybe it’s time we learn what ‘hot bods’ already know; there are treatments that can help.

Contrary to popular belief that people who believe that only overweight people have cellulite – you can be very thin and still be susceptible to cellulite. Its causes are not entirely understood; however heredity, fair skin, hormones, diet and other factors may contribute. The good part is that with the advent of lasers, SmartLipo, Rejuveskin, Velashape and advancing technology – getting rid of, or drastically reducing cellulite is just a matter of scheduling a consultation and discussing your options with a local plastic surgeon, or cellulite specialist.