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Men in Tights – Support not ‘in Vain’

"Mantyhose" - a smart choice for the 'non-vein' ; ). (Photo Credit:

With spray tans, self-tanner and more casual dress codes – pantyhose are being worn less than they were in the past. But, is that actually wise? A man wrote to an advice columnist about leg pain and varicose veins. His job requires him to be on his feet all day and he had the added issue of working outside, where the weeds and insects were irritating his legs. He wrote to inform others that he had taken the advice of one of his female friends…and tried wearing support pantyhose. Though, at first, it seemed unmanly; he explained all of the helpful benefits he experienced that went beyond the leg pain. Read about his success, the trend in “Mantyhose” and find out which professional athlete swore by the practice of wearing pantyhose under his uniform, during games.

Vain Veins?

Blah...or Blahnik?

SHOES!!!! Women love shoes…and even though we know the perils of wearing heels too often, and TOO High, we still love them. It can be especially difficult when we are in a profession where we are expected to look fashionable, while standing on our feet most of the day. What a dilemma – we can look great, and taller – or be comfortable (and shorter). There has to be a balance between vanity and sanity, gals. First, with all of the fabulous choices available, these days – we CAN find gorgeous shoes that are also better for our feet and legs. And there are state-of-the-art inserts and ergonomic designs. But, if vein issues have already appeared, the best advice is to schedule a consultation with a reputable vascular, or plastic, surgeon and discuss your options. Afterward, you’ll certainly want to treat yourself to some new shoes…to show off your beautiful legs!

What is P.A.D.?

P.A.D. and Poor Circulation: Treatments Available

P.A.D. is short for Peripheral Arterial Disease, which can cause poor circulation. This condition can be treated and even reversed with lifestyle changes and medication. One of the outcomes of P.A.D. can be painful, unsightly varicose veins, which can also be treated and removed with cosmetic laser therapies.

Wear Red and Support Heart Health Tomorrow!

Heart and Vein Health Matters

Friday, February 3, 2012 is Wear Red Day, the American Heart Association’s plan to draw attention to fighting heart disease, the #1 cause of death in adults. Wear red and support the cause. Signs of heart disease may be visible with bad circulation, including varicose veins. Look for signs and get your heart health checked if you have concerns.

Mommy Makeovers Help Moms Get Their Bodies Back!

Emily's Mommy Makeover

There are many changes for new moms, especially taking care of a new born child, which is a top-priority. But for many mommies, getting their bodies back to normal after child-birth can be a real challenge. Mommy Makeovers can include: liposuction, tummy tuck and breast surgery, and they are a solution to help moms get their bodies back after children.