How to Look for Facial Changes as You Age

Know What Signs to Look For As You Age

Aging is a natural process that brings about changes to the facial structure and texture and tone of the skin. Learn what to look for as you age to best care for your skin and develop an anti-aging treatment plant that works for you.

Tattoo Artist Inks Recovery after Mastectomy

Breast Reconstruction Awareness: Closing the Loop

Carrie Pataky, a licensed tattoo artist in New York, acquired a unique clientele after working on a patient who needed her areolas tattooed after having a mastectomy and breast cancer treatment. Word of mouth and referrals have led to a very fulfilling specialty in her practice. Now she gets to help breast cancer survivors who travel from far and distant places to seek her talents to help ink them through the final touches of the restorative process.

Plastic Surgeons Urge Safety in Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal Requires Skill and Experience For Best Outcomes

Laser technology has revolutionized the cosmetic and plastic surgery industry. Procedures such as laser hair removal and laser skin resurfacing are very popular, but it takes more than being a technician to get desired outcomes. Experience, skill, training and knowing what settings to use for different skin types among other factors are very important for patients to consider before having a laser procedure. It is best to look for a surgeon who specializes in laser uses.

Jersey S’More

Roasted on an open fire? (Image source: WCBS-TV)

Damage from UV rays is not ‘new news’…Yet, we’re starting to get the impression that someone forgot to tell this to New Jersey. Okay, we’re reasonably sure that most people in New Jersey are nothing like the ones that inhabit Reality-TV-Land, or the recent news…but, they sure are making a perfectly good state look like it didn’t receive the memo. Move over Snooki – there’s a new ditzy Oompa Loompa in town – a ‘tanning-obsessed mom’ who has been charged with encouraging her 5-year-old daughter to use a tanning booth. Mom was arrested for child endangerment after the little (red-haired!…what was she thinking?) girl received a burn and rash from the alleged exposure. Read more about this and laser skin resurfacing…for those of us who don’t go to a tanning bed 5 times a week – but would still like to remove uneven pigmentation, age spots or prior sun damage.

Top Three Popular Procedures for 2012 Predicted

Laser Skin Resurfacing and Dermal Fillers Top Procedures in 2012

Breast augmentation and liposuction have long been the leaders in cosmetic and plastic surgery, now surgeons are predicting that three new procedures will be front-runners, including: laser skin resurfacing, mommy makeovers (which include breast augmentation, liposuction, and tummy tuck), and dermal fillers and injectables.

Lasers…the Modern Fountain of Youth

Slow or reverse signs of aging - with Lasers

As we age, the effects of gravity, the elements, hormone changes and weakening of the skin and blood vessels causes unflattering changes in our once-youthful appearance. It catches up with all of us, eventually. Even those who have fantastic genes and healthy lifestyles may have to wait a few more years – but, invariably, signs of aging WILL occur. Ponce de Leon started a trend that will forever continue – he was searching for The Fountain of Youth. Aren’t we all? Fortunately, modern technology has given us the laser – and if Senor de Leon could see the wonders it can provide; he would have stopped his wandering and scheduled a consultation with the nearest plastic surgeon or cosmetic dermatologist.

Trick your Skin into a Tightening Treat

Candela ePrime Skin Tightening Laser Treatment

Laser technologies and skin tightening devices are abundant. The medical community has done a great job in figuring out how collagen production works. Now there are many “tricky” ways into treating, stimulating, plumping and tightening the skin. Candela has manufactured a new laser device called ePrime, which utilizes micro-needles to stimulate, tighten smooth and tone skin.

The Tortoise and the Unwanted Hair

The Makings of a Star: Hair Removal Story

Who would believe that Rita Hayworth had to undergo electrolysis to make her a bigger star? Thank goodness there are advanced laser procedures that eliminate unwanted hair with less pain and better results! There are many uses for modern laser technologies and many men and women flock to their cosmetic surgeons, med-spas and dermatologists to remove unwanted hair from all areas of the body, every month. Maybe you should be one of them.

Good Genes…or Laser Skin Treatments?

Reveal Healthier Skin

Laser Skin Treatments can erase fine lines and wrinkles, tighten and smooth skin regardless of your genetics. Increase collagen production and brighten skin while improving texture and tone.

Fraxel Laser to the Rescue – How it Works

Fraxel Laser System

Fraxel Laser systems, such as the Fraxel re-fine, Fraxel re-store and Fraxel re-pair offer many solutions for all skin types. Treatments help restore the skin, clear up skin conditions and eliminate Melasma, Actinic Keratosis, age spots, wrinkles, fine lines, scars and hormonal masks.