Swedish Medical Center Donates Mastectomy for Woman

Laura Jajo has her half sisters to thank for saving her life. Twin sisters Kim and Stephanie Lavarello recently survived breast cancer caused by a genetic mutation known as BRCA 1, and they wanted to inform their family members to get tested.

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Amazing Breast Cancer Story: Twin Survivors Help Save Half Sister

Jajo tested positive for BRCA 1, and Swedish Medical Center, who learned of the twin’s story, provided Jajo with a double mastectomy and reconstructive surgery for free. King 5 of Seattle posted the amazing story.

The Lavarello twins, adopted in Florida, pushed to have their adoption records unsealed to find more family members, and Jajo was one of them. They urged Jajo to be tested, and she received the grim diagnosis.

Jajo didn’t have health insurance and could not afford the necessary life-saving surgeries. Swedish Medical Center’s physicians at the True Family Women’s Cancer Center offered their services for free.

Jajo was glad to have undergone the operation, thankful for a new chance at life. “The worry’s gone. I don’t have to worry about it anymore,” she said.

Kim Lavarello was equally happy, saying that the procedure has given “her a new life.”

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