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Giving the Gift of Plastic Surgery … to Kids?

Giving the Gift of Plastic Surgery … to Kids?

While most parents are doing everything in their power to try to teach their children to love and appreciate who they are, Human Barbie, Sarah Burge, is doing just the opposite. This Christmas, she’ll be shelling out 18,000 pounds on Christmas gifts for her kids of which a portion will include plastic surgery vouchers. Burge herself has spent a noteworthy sum on over 100 procedures to enhance her own image over the past two decades and the results were so tremendous, she wants to pass along her experience to her eight year old daughter, Poppy. This isn’t the first time, though. She gave Poppy vouchers on her last birthday as well.

Sarah and Poppy Burge: Image Courtesy

Burge, now 51, is not only an advocate for cosmetic surgery, but also an addict, and with three daughters now aged 8, 18, and 27, to whom she is passing along her obsession with personal appearances. It is no surprise that Poppy appeared in the United States this year on the beauty pageant circuit, and mom is proud.  Burge was quoted in saying this in response to sharing her holiday news with the media,  “Everyone has their own budget, but we are in a culture where we give so much at Christmas and that equates having things with happiness, and it is our role as parents to teach children about the society we are living in … a recent Girl Guides survey questioned girls aged 10-17 about their happiness levels and the results were astonishingly low.”