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Plastic Surgery Blog —

Why Brazilian Butt Lift Is Preferable


There are many reasons why you can resort to Brazilian butt lift. You may have flat buttocks. As a lady you should have curvy buttocks which will work well with your body for you to be considered beautiful. There are many women who will like to improve the appearance of their buttocks. There are many […]

Plastic Surgery Classifications

Plastic surgery is becoming as much a part of regular medical treatment nowadays that many people have no more qualms about going “under the knife” in order to improve their bodily functions as well as their way of life. This is thanks to the marvels of technology that can help even those who have had […]

The 4 W’s And H Before a Cosmetic Surgery


Maybe there is something that you do not like about your face or body and you are contemplating cosmetic surgery as an option. Before you do that, try to determine the 4W’s and H of cosmetic surgery. Who. Who is going to do the procedure? Determine the credentials of your surgeon or if he or […]

Three Things You Need To Know Before You Undergo Cosmetic Surgery


According to the latest survey, millions of people have undergone cosmetic surgeries to enhance their overall appearance. This number is on the rise. Before you join the bandwagon, here are three things you must know and consider about cosmetic surgeries.   What is your primary reason for the procedure? Are you doing it to make […]

How to Get the Best Cosmetic Surgery for Yourself before and afters

There are some useful tips on how you can improve your appearance and beauty effectively. Cosmetic surgery can be a great option for you who want to have beautiful appearance today. However, you need to prepare everything before you start this surgery. There are some preparation steps that you should do properly, so you can […]

The Risks And Benefits Of Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery is a popular procedure that men and women can take advantage of. Plastic surgery has become increasingly more common, because whether you want to enhance or change a physical trait of yourself, it can be done through these types of procedures. However, before you decide to enhance anything about yourself, it is important […]

What you should Know about Smartlipo


Smartlipo also known as Smart Liposculpture, or Smart liposuction, is a cosmetic surgery which extracts fat from various parts of the body, most commonly the thighs, abdomen, buttocks, chin, neck, calves, upper and backs of the arms. A cannula is inserted under the skin to remove excess fat. Smartlipo is the most common cosmetic surgery […]

Three Common Cosmetic Surgery Procedures

Courtesy / Pixabay

Each day one has to decide how they want to look. People put on fashionable clothes, apply makeup, accessorize their look with jewelry and brush their hair the way they like in an attempt to look beautiful. While doing all this can greatly improve a person’s looks and image, there are other situations that can’t […]

The Growing Popularity Of Cosmetic Surgery

Courtesy / Pixabay

A lot has been written about cosmetic surgery and one of the major benefits it provides is the fact that it enhances aesthetic beauty. Over the past couple of years, cosmetic surgery has evolved and grown quite significantly. Beauty surgery was started more than 4,000 years ago although the medical community in the United States […]

A Look At Medical Tourism In Mexico


Located at the southernmost edge of the large nation of USA, the country of Mexico has become one of the most developing and progressive nations in recent times. This can be concluded after casting a proper glance at the growing medical care field in the country. If reports are to be believed, the country is […]