Cosmetic Surgeries That Address Female Genitalia and Their Vaginas On The Rise

Vajayjays in the News: Rise in Cosmetic Genital Surgeries

Cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures to enhance form and function of the female genitalia have increased in popularity. Despite some controversy and ridicule, take for example the hilarious, yet crude Huffington Post blog written by Toni Nagy last week, “My Vagina Needs Plastic Surgery?” the Vajayjay is and should be an important “part” of women and their femininity, which is why vaginal rejuvenation, labiaplasty and G-shot therapies, among other procedures, are still on the rise.

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ht_paul_mason after losing 530 lbs Paul Nixon Photography

Post-Bariatric Patients Benefit from Plastic Surgery

In 2013 there will be millions of people on a quest to lose weight and slim down. Paul Mason, of England was formerly known as the World’s Fattest Man” weighing in at 980 pounds. After having a gastric bypass, he lost 630 pounds and now weighs a stealth 350. However, after the surgery and massive loss of weight, he is encumbered by the excess skin, and would like to have plastic surgery to remove the estimated 50-75 pounds of extra skin and flab left behind. This is a common request after bariatric and bypass surgery according to a study published in the November 2012 issue of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.

Botox: Frown Line Treatment May Aid Against Depression

Studies Show That Botox May Help Beat the Blues

Dr. Eric Finzi and a team of researchers from Chevy Chase Cosmetic Center in Maryland have stumbled upon a potentially important new use for the well-known wrinkle-buster known as Botox. Though Botox has been used to treat a variety of different conditions such as migraines and even incontinence in women, it is more well-known as a cosmetic treatment for frown lines and wrinkles. Though the treatment has been used for frown lines and wrinkles – with a lot of success and very few side effects, scientists have only recently realized that Botox may be able to help treat psychological issues such as depression, too.

Growing Trend: Giving Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery as a Gift

Growing Trend: Pre Holiday Procedures and Gifting Plastic Surgery

As the popularity of plastic surgery procedures increase, so do trends associated with the beauty industry, such as “pre-event quick fixes” and “gifting” and “giving” cosmetic enhancements for the holidays. In recent years it has become more commonplace to touch up before an event and give certificates for procedures, which raises some concerns among surgeons, even those who benefit. It is important for the drop-in patients and givers to research and find experienced, qualified surgeons for best outcomes.