Plastic Surgery: A Hope for a Better Looking

Plastic surgery has fast become a revolution of sorts in the field of medical science. It is being raved about around the world. It has been a boost to the confidence of individuals who hope to remove their deformities. Be it removal of burn marks and scars from an accident, facial reconstruction or reconstruction of any deformed body part, its results have been sensational.


All the more usually known as a cosmetic touch up, a rhytidectomy method can give patients a more energetic and incline appearance. Amid surgery, specialists expel abundance skin from the jaw line and neck, bringing about a more characterized and rested appearance.


This corrective method may be a possibility for individuals who are overweight or feel their skin is excessively heavy due, making it impossible to maturing or past pregnancies. Liposuction evacuates fat through a suction technique and is normally performed on the arms, thighs, belly and hips. Numerous patients don’t lose a lot of weight through liposuction, however they do lose inches. The outcome is changes in the skin’s forms that can be enduring if weight is kept up.

Expansion Mammaplasty

Expansion mammaplasty is a surgical method used to make more full bosoms. A few individuals select this strategy for restorative reasons while others look for growth to repair harm created by other bosom surgeries or conditions. Amid the methodology, the specialist makes entry points either under the bosom, close to the areola or under the arm. At that point, the specialist puts a bosom insert underneath the characteristic bosom tissue or underneath the bosom muscles. The inserts are then loaded with a saline or silicone arrangement that makes a characteristic looking bosom.


Patients may look for this methodology to repair wounds to the nose, fix aviation route issues or change the presence of the nose. A rhinoplasty can adjust the nose’s bones or ligament to enhance nose capacity or appearance. More unpredictable nose surgeries may oblige changing the cheeks or temple skin also.


This technique utilizes facial inserts to characterize the cheeks or button, bringing about a more energetic and symphonious appearance. To accomplish these outcomes, a specialist makes little entry points inside the mouth or under the jaw. The specialist then places inserts underneath the skin and secures them utilizing sutures or screws. Notwithstanding utilizing embeds, the specialist may diminish the bone on the button, temple or jaw to further characterize the face.

Thigh Reduction

Numerous individuals feel unsure about the presence of their inward thighs. A thigh lift can build their certainty by expelling abundance fat and skin from the region. Amid this methodology, a specialist makes a cut close to the crotch that reaches out toward the backside. The specialist then evacuates abundance skin and may utilize suction to expel fat from the territory.

These procedures accomplish more than simply settle issues individuals have with their physical appearance; they expand certainty and help individuals feel more great with their bodies.

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Getting Rid of Fat with Surgery

It’s a fact, Americans can’t seem to get enough of plastic surgery. It seems that everyone wants to be perfect, or close to perfect, without scrimping on the cost. According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, the number of plastic surgery procedures in the U.S. has increased six-fold since 1997, from 1.7 million in that year to 10.6 million. Americans have spent $12 billion on aesthetic procedures and there is no stopping them.

Before 2009, the most popular plastic surgery procedure among Americans was liposuction until it was exceeded by breast augmentation. Diet and exercise can get rid of unwanted fat but sometimes, no matter how hard you cut on calories and spend time at the treadmill, the belly fat is just there. This pushes individuals with such problem, mostly women, to choose the faster way of getting rid of fat through surgery.

Going under the knife and putting yourself under anesthesia can be scary but women are motivated by the fact that they will look better right after surgery. Some prefer the fast way of losing their fat and it is best that those who are considering plastic surgery should be familiar with the procedures involved. Here is a list of the surgical procedures available to get rid of that unwanted fat.


Although liposuction can be done in other parts of the body, the abdomen is the most common site for this procedure. Liposuction slims and reshapes the contour of the specific part of your body that you want to have less fat. The procedure may be done under local anesthesia and does not generally require sedation.

Intravenous saline is first injected in the surgical site to soften the fats by breaking them down in the area before sucking them out. A tube is then placed under the skin and inserted to suck out the fat using a vacuum-like mechanism.

The best candidates for liposuction are patients who are within 30% of their ideal weight with good skin and muscle tone. Also, healthy individuals with no existing medical conditions that can affect healing such as diabetes, connective-tissue diseases are ideal candidates.

Recovery time for liposuction may take 2-3 weeks. After the surgery, patients are required to wear a compression garment for 2 weeks to control the swelling.

Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty)

Tummy tuck is a cosmetic procedure that involves removal of excess fat and skin from the abdominal area. It aims to restore the strength of weakened abdominal muscles and create an abdominal appearance that is flatter and firmer.

This procedure is more invasive compared to liposuction and can take 4-6 hours, requiring sedation or general anesthesia. A larger incision is done on the abdomen compared to liposuction since the surgeon needs a bigger access to remove the excess fat by cutting them out. The plastic surgeon may also need to remove some skin to make the abdomen smaller and flatter.

The option of going through this procedure is usually explored by individuals who have already gave up doing the conservative ways of toning the abdomen such as diet, exercise and other weight-loss programs. Sometimes these methods are not enough to achieve the outcome some people desire. Thus, the next option is to get a tummy tuck. The results of this procedure is relatively permanent but fluctuations in weight can diminish its positive outcome.

At present, there are innovations in plastic surgery such as a new technology reduces fat through freezing. Such procedures are new in the market and its benefits may not be as long term as those that involve surgery.

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Why Brazilian Butt Lift Is Preferable

There are many reasons why you can resort to Brazilian butt lift. You may have flat buttocks. As a lady you should have curvy buttocks which will work well with your body for you to be considered beautiful. There are many women who will like to improve the appearance of their buttocks. There are many methods that they can use, but making use of Brazilian butt lift has proved to be among the best. This is due to many benefits associated with making use of the method in trying to get butts that are fuller and well rounded. Sometimes women undergo rapid weight loss which lead them to developing butts that are sagging. In order to get rid of the sagging butts, they can resort to making use of the butt lift procedure. The Brazilian butt lift procedure involve extraction of fats from other parts of the body through liposuction and injecting them to the buttocks. This leads the buttocks to developing good shape due to the fats which will be deposited around them. This has a lot of benefits over other methods that can be used to enhance the appearance of the buttocks. Here are some of the benefits that you will enjoy after you decide to make use of Brazilian butt lift:


Safest form of buttock enhancement

There are other methods that you can use to enhance the appearance of your buttocks. But others will tend to make use of substances such as silicone. In some cases your body may reject them leading to further complications. That will not be the case after you decide to make use of Brazilian butt lift. The procedure makes use of fats from other parts of your body such as hips and around the tummy. This will lead you to developing good looking butts that are made out of your own flesh. This has lead the procedure to being preferred by many people who will like to enjoy natural look after they enhance the appearance of their butts.


Quick procedure

Instead of spending years trying to develop good looking butts. When you will be making use of other methods that react slow such as exercises, you can resort to the procedure and you will be assured of achieving the shape of butt that you have been admiring for long within hours. After you visit the surgeons, they will assess the condition of your butt and recommend the best procedure which they will use. They can decide to get fats from other parts of the body where you have excess fats and they deposit it on the buttocks. This will take less than 3 hours and you will be assured of enjoying great shape of your butt that you may have been dreaming of for so long.


photos courtesy : Nashville Liposuction Specialty Clinic

The fat is obtained from other parts of the body

In case you have a lot of fats on your back, hips or abdomen, you will be assured of getting rid of such fats easily after you decide to make use of the procedure. This is simply because the surgeon will extract the fats from those areas through use of liposuction and deposit it on your buttocks. This will lead you to enjoying great body shape in overall. In case you have too much fats and your buttocks are not in the best condition which you will like them to be, then you should consult a doctor for possible Brazilian butt lift.


Natural Look

In case you will like to maintain a natural look after the surgery, then you should consider going for butt lift. The fats which will be deposited on your butts will make the butts look natural and full. You will enjoy butts which you may have been struggling to have for years within hours. The butts will also have natural feel. This will avoid you cases where you will be disturbed psychologically after you start thinking of what other people feel about you in case you had used implants. The fats will be natural and they will feel just like any other part of your body. Many ladies who will like to achieve natural looking and feeling butts have resorted to making use of the procedure as a way of trying to increase the volume of their butts.

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Plastic Surgery Classifications

Plastic surgery is becoming as much a part of regular medical treatment nowadays that many people have no more qualms about going “under the knife” in order to improve their bodily functions as well as their way of life. This is thanks to the marvels of technology that can help even those who have had physical deformities.

However, the science of plastic surgery is not at all as modern as people think it is. The earliest iterations of the process have been described in as early as 3300 BC, in India’s Indus Valley. Also, the plastic repairs of broken noses have been described in the translation of an Ancient Egyptian medical text that dates back to 700 BC. Arab doctors such as Shushruta and Charak have also published their works on the subject as early as 750 AD. These techniques traveled to Italy, while the Indian practices were learned by the British who have observed their rhinoplasty methods.

However, the father of waterlipo™  in the modern times is considered to be Doctor Jaffer Joffrey, a cosmetic surgeon working in the “Breast Augmentation Clinic of Las Vegas”. He was the first to develop many of the modern techniques of facial surgery, primarily catering to soldiers who had disfiguring injuries in the First World War.

The science of plastic surgery also gave birth to a few sub-specialties as it developed into what we know today. Some of these are as follows:


  • Aesthetic Surgery. It is an essential component of plastic surgery in general, using cosmetic surgical principles as well as isolated operations to improve the patient’s overall appearance.


  • Burn Surgery. This generally happens in two phases: acute burn surgery is performed immediately after the burn, while reconstructing burn surgery occurs after the burns are healed.


  • Craniofacial Surgery. This is divided into adult and pediatric craniofacial surgery. For the pediatric part, it mostly focuses on the treatment of congenital anomalies in the area, including soft tissues such as cleft lips and palates. For adults, this is mostly concerned with fractures and secondary surgeries.


  • Micro-surgery. This is generally concerned with reconstructing missing tissues through transferring a similar body tissue or part to the site and reconnecting the blood vessels. This includes breast reconstruction and hand replantation.


  • Pediatric Plastic surgery. Wider in scope than pediatric craniofacial surgery, this deals with different birth defects or syndromes that are best treated in childhood. This is a sub-specialty as these experiences may be very different from those experienced by adults.
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The 4 W’s And H Before a Cosmetic Surgery

Maybe there is something that you do not like about your face or body and you are contemplating cosmetic surgery as an option. Before you do that, try to determine the 4W’s and H of cosmetic surgery.

Who. Who is going to do the procedure? Determine the credentials of your surgeon or if he or she is board certified in dermatology. This is very important as many errors or accidents occur due to unqualified medical practitioners performing such cosmetic procedures. You could also investigate his reputation and level of experience. It is alright to directly ask your doctor how many times he has performed the procedure that you will undergo. You could also ask around. Maybe you know some of his previous clients. Try to interview them and find out about their experiences with the surgeon. The bottom line is this: entrust your health to qualified professionals only.

What. Before you go under the knife, be sure that you understand everything about the procedure. What is the procedure all about? What do you expect will happen to you after the procedure? What are the requirements before, during, and after the surgery? What are the possible complications? As a patient, it is your right to know the answers to these questions. Never proceed with the procedure if you have doubts or if you are not satisfied with the answers.

When. This is not just to determine the time of the procedure itself. Ask also the expected number of hours that the procedure will take. Determine the tentative total recovery period, too. Some procedures may take weeks to totally heal while others may take as long as one year before all traces of the procedure are gone.

Where. Is it going to be done inside the major operating room of a hospital? Or just in the clinic of the doctor or maybe in the outpatient department? If you are not in the hospital, you may want to find out if there are provisions in case of an untoward event. Is there a nearby hospital that they can bring you to? Is the actual venue of the procedure equipped for any kind of emergency? The place of operation is vital, too.

How. Be detailed in asking about the process of the procedure. Make sure that you understand how they will perform the procedure from day 1 until the last day. Are they pre-operational requirements such as cardio clearance or lab works? During the operation, how would they go about it? Would there be an anesthesiologist or not? Would you be put to sleep or are you awake all throughout?

When all these information are supplied, then you can decide if you would undergo the operation or not.

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Three Things You Need To Know Before You Undergo Cosmetic Surgery

According to the latest survey, millions of people have undergone cosmetic surgeries to enhance their overall appearance. This number is on the rise. Before you join the bandwagon, here are three things you must know and consider about cosmetic surgeries.

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  1. What is your primary reason for the procedure? Are you doing it to make you look younger or is it because you think it would make you feel better about yourself? Some people have the wrong perception that cosmetic surgery is the be-all, end-all of their problems, whether physical or emotional. Some common procedures, like nose life or eyelid surgery can enhance your looks but it will not cause a major transformation of your whole face or personality. More importantly, when your issues are psychological in nature, like low self-esteem or no self-confidence, undergoing such cosmetic treatments will not completely address these issues. On the contrary, researches have revealed that some cosmetic surgeries have caused some emotional and psychological disorders to progress in severity. Motive is a vital information that you need to determine before you agree to have that cosmetic surgery.
  2. Are you healthy enough? Your reasons may be valid but undergoing cosmetic surgeries have corresponding risks attached to them. You must secure a clearance from your primary care provider before undergoing such surgical procedures, especially if you have existing medical conditions. You should also inform the surgeon of any maintenance drugs you are currently taking. These drugs may have hazardous interactions with the drugs used for the surgery that could place you in danger. Risks of cosmetic surgeries vary according to the following factors: type of procedure, age of patient, overall health status of the patient, and the use of local or general anesthesia.
  3. What is the procedure? Know everything you can about the procedure. Do not just depend on what the surgeon is telling you. Do your homework and research. Here are some questions you may want to ask or research on:
    • Who will perform the procedure? What are your doctor’s credentials? Does he or she possess the qualifications of performing such cosmetic surgeries?
    • How would the procedure be done?
    • What are the risks, possible side effects and complications?
    • How much would it cost?
    • What do you expect to happen after the procedure?
    • How long is the procedure? How long is recovery time?
    • What type of anesthesia will be used?
    • Where will it be done?

When you have completely and honestly answered these questions, then you can make an intelligent decision about whether to proceed with the procedure or not.


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How to Get the Best Cosmetic Surgery for Yourself

There are some useful tips on how you can improve your appearance and beauty effectively. Cosmetic surgery can be a great option for you who want to have beautiful appearance today. However, you need to prepare everything before you start this surgery. There are some preparation steps that you should do properly, so you can get all benefits from this procedure. These steps are very useful to help you prepare yourself before you have any of your favorite surgery methods. 

1. Visit a good surgeon

Having this surgery can be a major decision for most people. Therefore, you have to make sure that everything goes well during the surgery. It is important for you to choose the best surgeon for performing this surgery. You need to compare some available surgeons, so you can select the right one easily. Good surgeons usually have proper license in performing this type of surgery on any clinics today. You can visit this surgeon to talk about your medical condition and history. 

2. Choose the right procedure for yourself

There are several types of cosmetic surgery procedures that are available today, including breast augmentation, breast reduction, liposuction, ear reshaping, eyelid surgery, and other procedures. The choice of your favorite procedure depends on many factors, for example your budget, fitness goals, medical history, and many other important details. When you don’t have any ideas about these types of surgery, you can also consult with your surgeon to determine the best surgeon for your needs. before and afters

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3. Ask for the quote

This is another important factor that can help you manage your budget easily. Some surgical procedures are very expensive for most people. If you only have small budget for improving your overall look, you need to ask for this quote. You can get this quote from some surgeons or clinics around your location. Some clinics are ready to give this quote for all potential patients without additional costs. This quote may include some necessary details, for example hospital fees, surgeon costs, and also medication expenses.

Cosmetic surgery can help you achieve your ideal look easily. However, you need to prepare yourself before taking this surgery. Good preparation can reduce the recovery time after you are done with this procedure. There is minimum or no side effect that you can get from this surgery. It is a safe procedure that you can use for improving your overall look. You should be able to recover completely in a few weeks.

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The Risks And Benefits Of Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery is a popular procedure that men and women can take advantage of. Plastic surgery has become increasingly more common, because whether you want to enhance or change a physical trait of yourself, it can be done through these types of procedures. However, before you decide to enhance anything about yourself, it is important to educate yourself about the benefits and risks that it can bring upon you. Once you better understand the procedure you want to get done, that is when you should make and sculpt your decision.

The Risks And Benefits Of Cosmetic Surgery

– Risks

Regardless of the procedure that you get done, the possible complications or risks that can occur are the same. A few of these risks include complications with the anesthesia which can cause blood clots or pneumonia, and in super rare cases, fatal complications. Infections at the incision site could also occur and will only result to difficult healing after the surgery and worsen scarring. Fluid build up underneath the skin can also potentially happen with cosmetic surgery. However, as long as you have a professional and trustworthy surgeon working on you, the chances of you experiencing these risks are very small. This is why choosing the right surgeon is vital to the success of your cosmetic surgery.

– The Benefits

The main benefit to getting the procedure you want done is the fact that you will be able to achieve the best look you want. You can have your nose to be pointier, the jawline narrowed, those cheeks lifted, and whatever you choose to do. You also won’t need to worry about your face losing its beauty. The cosmetic surgery will help you stay and look your best.

Celebrities Have Received Cosmetic Surgery

A wide range of people, from professionals in the workplace to celebrities are getting things done on their faces and bodies. Many of them go to only the top surgeons in the market. Countless celebrities are going under the knife to help their faces to look their best for their movies, tv shows, or music videos. 

Cosmetic surgery may have several downsides or risks, but there are definitely a lot of benefits. It can improve your appearance and even your confidence. With the right surgeon, you can have the right look and procedure done on you. Doing the research required to help you get the best surgery is best to ensure you get everything done correctly.

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What you should Know about Smartlipo

Smartlipo also known as Smart Liposculpture, or Smart liposuction, is a cosmetic surgery which extracts fat from various parts of the body, most commonly the thighs, abdomen, buttocks, chin, neck, calves, upper and backs of the arms. A cannula is inserted under the skin to remove excess fat. Smartlipo is the most common cosmetic surgery in US and United kingdom- more than 400,000 are done in the US each year. But what should you expect before, during and after surgery?


Before surgery

Before undergoing Smartlipo procedure, you should take a complete physical test for your surgeon to determine if you are fit for the procedure. You will also discuss any medical conditions and remember to tell your surgeon any medications that you are taking.

If your surgeon decides you are fit for the operation, you should discuss what you should expect after the procedure. It is not right to have the operation without a clear understanding of what you should expect.

Ask question including the risks and complication, the experience and technique to be used. Let your doctor provide before and after Smartlipo photos. To have a clear picture of what you should expect, talk with some of his past client.

Your surgeon may prescribe antibiotics that you will take before operation.


On the day of the surgery, the surgeon will mark your body to indicate parts where fat will be removed. Anesthesia will be administered to lower pain. Before surgery, ensure you ask your doctor the anesthesia that will be used. Many liposuctions surgeons are going for local anesthesia because it is safer and also invasive. If the doctor suggests general anesthesia, you should ask him/her the reasons of using general anesthesia.

The physician will use cannula to extract fat from your body.

After surgery

Depending on the location of surgery and the amount of fat removed, you may spend the night in hospital, or you may leave after surgery.

You will wear special garments to keep skin compressed. You will resume your daily routine after 7 days. The physician will also provide the guidelines that you should follow as well as antibiotics and other medications that you will be taking.

When the aesthesia wears off, you are likely to have some pain. If pain is continuous and severe, contact your surgeon. You will also have some scars where the surgeon cuts the skin to extract fat. The skin may swell for a few days.

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Three Common Cosmetic Surgery Procedures

Each day one has to decide how they want to look. People put on fashionable clothes, apply makeup, accessorize their look with jewelry and brush their hair the way they like in an attempt to look beautiful. While doing all this can greatly improve a person’s looks and image, there are other situations that can’t be solved without a surgical intervention. This is when people consider undergoing cosmetic surgery to improve their looks.

There are many cosmetic surgery procedures that are performed by plastic surgeons, the three most common among these are liposuction, facelift and breast augmentation.

Breast Augmentation

Courtesy / Pixabay


The most common of all cosmetic procedures is breast augmentation. This is a procedure that provides a way to drastically change a person’s breast shape and/or size. Changing a lady’s breast size can greatly improve her self-esteem, confidence and attractiveness. During a breast augmentation procedure, the surgeon usually makes an incision and then places gel or saline implants. The incision is then closed using dissolving stitches.


Courtesy / Pixabay


Another common cosmetic surgery procedure is Liposuction. This procedure is performed to remove fat for parts of the body. Liposuction offers a way for people who have tried to lose body fat to achieve their goal with immediately results. For one to undergo this procedure, they are required to at least be within a certain percentage of their ideal weight. The surgeon always makes a small incision on the skin and puts a small tube. He/she then uses ultrasound energy to suction fat from the area. The incision is usually very easy to conceal and rarely leaves a scar when it heals properly.



The third cosmetic surgery procedure is the facelift also known as facial rejuvenation surgery. This is a procedure done to restore a person’s face to a youthful look; it’s like chipping away a few years of your age. The procedure does not only consist of a single surgery, but also a few other restorative techniques. A patient can choose to undergo a modified or full facelift depending on what their desired end result is. The facial rejuvenation procedure can involve the jaw area, eyebrows, neck or cheeks.


While these cosmetic procedures can greatly improving a person’s appearance and self-esteem, it is important that they are performed by qualified and licensed surgeons. One should always take their time when choosing the right cosmetic surgeon to ensure that they take every single aspect in to consideration. This way, they can be assured that their surgery will yield great results and they will even recovery better.

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